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  1. Order processed, sorry for the delay.
  2. We got hit by some very powerful DDoS Attacks. But we’ve fixed it now and taken precautions so this won’t happen again. Our competitors can’t beat us so they try to get rid of us, good luck to then.
  3. No you are not, you purchased after it was updated.
  4. No, your main will be safe as long as you use a spoofer on your throwaway.
  5. Fixed, sorry for delay.
  6. You can once you become a customer.
  7. Yes that is true, and it does help with potential detections, but the main reason we use a Cloud Loader is so that you can use ANY device with internet connection to load our cheats. As a streamer you obviously don’t want people to know your cheating so you simply load it up using your phone or whatever ?
  8. Customers can always extend way before so you don’t have to worry ?
  9. Slots have been restocked ?
  10. D3US

    2 Questions

    Hello, 1. Yes. 2. Sadly yes, they use this to help track you so we have to get rid of it. Hope I gave you enough info.
  11. Slots for Rust will be available starting tomorrow.
  12. Rust only has EAC, this will be fixed on the status page soon.
  13. D3US


    I've been working on it behind the scene, I have to get back on track with Rust & Fortnite first. Fortnite has been done, now Rust is left.
  14. It's finally here, our Fortnite Gen. 3 release! All you have wanted and more now available once again. First off I would like to personally apologize to our customers for the major delay. Due to personal issues and other business related stuff in my real life my time got pushed back by other things requiring attention. All our Fortnite customers will receive +1 month free extension. Slots have been restocked and the cheat is ready, what are you waiting for? Price has been increased from 85 to 100 euro. What's new in the generation 3 version? * Added: Stream-Proofing. * Added: Gamepad/Controller Support (for Aimbot). * Added: Bots Feature (Shows/hides bots). * Added: 2nd Aim Key. * Improved: Core Functionality. * Improved: Speed (0% FPS loss). * Improved: Stability. * Fixed: EAC & BE Detections. * Fixed: Crashing Issues. * Fixed: Sniper Prediction. * Fixed: Menu Bugs. * Fixed: Numerous Core Bugs. * Fixed: Injection Issues.
  15. There are some issues we are figuring out.
  16. D3US


    From memory it’s 2250 USD.
  17. It depends. I need some more information.
  18. One or 2 more days.
  19. Looks really good, well done.
  20. Slots are open ?
  21. It’s all automatic, you will instantly get your subscription.
  22. What do you mean keeps loading?
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