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    Hey there Deus, Val is still on your statuspage and it got silent around val on deusaim. I would like to ask if there is any kind of informations that you can give out to us. Are you still working on it? Did you paused it? Did you already reverse their ac? etc etc. would really like to now the actual status. Thanks
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    +1 for Valorant. Since this game is from riot they will do everything to keep this game long lasting. It would be a wise choice.
  3. At first I bought Fortnite. After my subscription ran out I bought the rust cheat. I wouldn't buy a cheat twice if it wasn't a good and secure so let's have a detailed look. I am one of these customers who hate bans. Sure. Everyone does but I try everything to get a cheat that is detected rarely. Some guys just need a HWID Spoofer, a rage hack and cracked accounts to be happy. Not me. I want a strong advantage without getting bans and in a case of a ban I want to be secure my HWID is protected. Overall.... his cheats does exactly this. Let's start Fortnite Aimbot 7/10 Tbh. I've seen alot better aimbots. This one is failing some shots on higher ranges. It's not accuarate as it could be. Missing some shots is important if you want to play legit so in the end it doesn't even matter (*wink*) if you want to play legit but it would be better if you had the control over missed shots. It's a solid aimbot on short ranges but gets weaker on long ranges. Combined with aim smooth you'll have everything you could expect from an aimbot. ESP 10/10 It works! Everything as promised works well. Sure it's not the fanciest ESP that you can find on the internet but it does it job. Correct, precise and reliable. A chest ESP would be nice to have but not needed for me. Misc XX/XX There is no misc except the save/load function. It works. If I have to review that it's a 10/10 Spoofer & Cleaner 8/10 Don't get me wrong. The spoofer is insane and works for barely everyone except me. Maybe I got the deepst of all deep bans you can have. I personally don't play fortnite anymore. It seems like I have no chance to play longer then 2-3 games in a row on one account. So I use his spoofer vor everything else. Good thing! For me the cleaner was a huge problem. I used the cleaner and now I am not able to open or deinstall and reinstall microsoft office. I really don't know why but it's a problem. Hm. Have to use Office 365 then. Rust Aimbot 7/10 Same aimbot which is used for Fortnite but here you'll have a No Recoil option which makes it alot better. BUT it has no aim smooth which is personally an extra featrue which I would really like to see. Without the No Recoil i've barely hit a shot so it's just super strong and powerfull with misc features. ESP 9/10 Sadly it has no Ore-ESP which is one of the most needed features for me in Rust. Same here for Misc 8/10 There are so many possibilities in rust and it's pretty basic but the features it has work well. Nothing great to say here. Would really like to see a daytime hack and maybe some other nice features. A REAL important feature which would be definetly great is a specator list. Spoofer 10/10 As I said insane spoofer. It works well. Overall (+security) Definetly worth it. The main focus of this cheats is on security which I like the most 10/10 for the security! Securtiy is the most important part these days. I can accept a lack of features for a high securtiy standard and you guys should too! Combine with legit and good prices this cheats are definetly worth it!
  4. Does the prediction work well with bows/crossbow/nailguns?
  5. Doey rust have a daytime hack? Are some features like silent aim planned?
  6. Hey there, I just bough 3300 deus dollar. Now it shows that my order was cancelled but my money is still gone it's not on my wallet anymore. I can proof it by my blockchain link.
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    It's still not buyable
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    Where is Rust in your Shop?
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